Lessons to be learned

We all have lessons to learn, and life is our teacher. You live, and you learn. That being said, have you ever wondered why you keep having the same problems repeatedly? If yes, you must have pondered on how to end the vicious cycle and stop having the same problems. In a nutshell, there are lessons to be learned in those problematic situations, and until the lessons are learned, the problems persist or reoccur.

On the bright side, the lessons to be learned are for our benefit and personal development. So do not be discouraged. There is hope as you are on the right path. The first step to solving a problem is identifying that there is one in the first place. Ensure to have alone time to reflect on your life, clear your mind and envision what your current situation might be trying to teach you.

There is always room for improvement and growth.

You are not alone in this dilemma. We are all a work in progress, for there is always room for improvement and growth. As no one is perfect and no one knows it all. Hence the saying, you live, and you learn. Life is a constant teacher as we are on a constant exploration and journey every day learning new things consciously and unconsciously. We learn new things about people, our environment, skills, and so on; the list is endless. There is so much to uncover; we can never know it all.

However, as we all have unique paths in life, we also have a unique set of lessons we are required to learn in this lifetime. Thus, depending on the reoccurring issues you face, you may need to learn how to establish boundaries. Or perhaps be more open-minded, patient, tolerant, check how you respond to people, and so on. In essence, you need to focus more on yourself and your path. And focus less on what other people around you are doing.

Therefore, irrespective of what lessons you may need to learn in a recurring problem situation with different people. Worry less, if at all, about the other party’s behaviour or whatever else and focus on yourself, for you are the common denominator in all the different situations.

On a different note, remember that it is okay to be inspired by other people. However, do not deviate from your path or calling in life in the process.

Everything happens for a reason, for there are lessons to be learned In every situation.

In the same vein, there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything in life, every encounter, problem, or joy happens for a reason. There is a spiritual reason behind everything going on in our life, whether good or bad. And as such, there is always a lesson to be learned for our physical and spiritual growth. So, practice detachment or rather do not be too attached to an expected outcome.

Believe that all things work for your good in the grand scheme of things. See failure or disappointments in life as a learning curve. Learn from them, and improve, believing you will do better next time. Never give up. However, when we fail to learn the lessons, we are supposed to from an encounter or problem we face. We tend to have a reoccurrence of the same problems until the lesson we are supposed to learn from that situation is finally learned.

For instance, you may have had several bosses at different times. Yet encountered the same problems with each or most of them. And the reverse can be the case where you are the boss having the same issues with different employees. This could also happen in relationships with friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, etc.

There are lessons to be learned in these situations. Lessons for your personal development and growth to break the reoccurring cycle. And thus put an end to having a repeat of the same issue. You would need to take a step back and look within yourself. Reflect on your actions or lack thereof to pinpoint what the problem may be. Remember to focus on yourself and not on the other party or parties involved. Read more on the related topic of how to have and maintain a positive mindset and its misconceptions.

Reap the benefits of having quality alone time to reflect on your life and resolve issues from within.

Learn to be alone and like it. If you don’t enjoy your own company, who will?

There are numerous benefits to spending quality time alone. One of the many benefits is that it can help you to clear your mind. To identify why you are having recurring issues. Having time to yourself is essential; however, how you spend your alone time is equally important. So, learn to be alone and like it. This does not mean you should become antisocial, but learn to enjoy your own company, take time to be by yourself, and rip the numerous benefits of so doing.

If you do not feel replenished, energized, and happy at the end of a time spent by yourself. Then something is must be wrong with how you spend your time alone. So, learn how to properly have quality, alone time to replenish and energize yourself and not do the opposite.

So, reflect, meditate, exercise, and take time off screens; as hard as that may be, change how you spend your time alone and assess how you feel afterwards. Also, do not forget to journal; it is a great way to free or unclutter your mind or thoughts. Journaling will also help you put things in perspective and identify issues in life to stop having reoccurring issues.


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