Have A Grateful Heart: 70 Things You Can Be Thankful For

A grateful heart

Have a grateful heart. As gratitude is key to staying positive and having a positive mindset, for a grateful heart cannot harbour negative vibes or energy. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles or more positive life experiences. It is therefore a good idea to start your day on the right foot, with a grateful heart and allow that positive energy follow you throughout your day.

The importance of routines.

Your morning routine is therefore so important for a number of reasons. One of which is that it sets the ton for the rest of our day, as already explained. A conscious and productive morning routine that includes a gratitude prayer, some exercise if you have the time, is bound to leave you feeling more pumped to face whatever the day may throw at you, as well as  keep you feeling good and highly productive.

Also, keep in mind that a good night time routine is equally important, as it does have a direct impact on how you feel when you wake up, especially if you have a busy day ahead of you. So, it is obviously much better to start the night before to prepare for the next day, which will allow you to be more organised in the morning, and not in a rush. With enough time to enjoy your cup of coffee or whatever else you prefer. A new day marks a new beginning. The best thing is that even if you had a previous bad day, you can simply make-up for it on a new day.

Make time everyday to reflect on what you are grateful for.

However, it is sometimes much easier for us to take what we have for granted. And focus more on what we do not have. Instead of putting our focus towards what we do actually have. It is therefore important, to take time out of our day, to remember. All of those things and people in our life, that we should be grateful and thankful for.

Thus, in other to inspire you to come up with your own list of things you are grateful for. Here are some ideas, of 70 things you can be grateful and thankful for.

1.Have a grateful heart and be thankful for hugs you can get.

Considering the global pandemic, social distances and all, it all the more reason for you to be grateful for the hugs you can get, from your safe circle of friends and family.

2. Be grateful heart and be thankful to have your significant other.

It is easy to get so comfortable with your partner or significant other that you almost take them for granted. However, it is imperative that we do not. You need to be grateful to have them, and show them that you care, for life would not be the same without them.

3. Have a grateful heart and be thankful for the weekends.

Have a grateful heart and be grateful for the weekends. Especially after a long week of working hard to make ends meet.

4. Be grateful for good health.

Good health is a big thing to be grateful for because without it, life as we know it would be completely different. And even if your health is not perfect, think about it, it could actually be worse. So be grateful for the health that you do have and this is a great way to foster a positive mindset.

5. Have a grateful heart towards the people in your life.

Be grateful for the good friends and family in your life who add up to make your life full and rich. And remember, it is not the quality of people in your life that matters but rather the quantity.

6. Be grateful for Freedom of Religion.

Take nothing for granted and be grateful to have the freedom to be part of any religion of your choosing or none at all. This would be considered a luxury in some parts of the world, although it is a fundamental human right provided for under article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Read more here United Nations Human Rights

7. Be grateful for music.

Music evokes emotions, and directly affect your mood and mindset. Playing that some music or perhaps specifically that perfect playlist of yours , that sparks feelings of joy from within you. Can bring you into a positive mindset and is something to be grateful for.

8. Be grateful the smell of coffee brewing.

The smell of coffee brewing, especially in the morning is something to look forward to everyday. And is most definitely something to be grateful for.

9. Be grateful for pets.

Pets especially dogs love you their owner no matter what. It is a pure example of unconditional love that you should not take for granted. Be grateful for the pet(s) in your life and show it some extra kindness.

10. Be grateful for animal sanctuaries.

Be grateful that animal sanctuaries exist. Animals also deserve love and care. People who are good to animals are some of the best people in the world.

11. Be grateful for good conversations.

A simple thing as a really good conversation can be so very satisfying, and can actually make a very person happy. So be grateful for good conversations.

12. Learning from Mistakes.

Mistakes are learning experiences and as such we would not learn a whole lot if we did not make mistakes.

13. Be grateful for old pictures.

Looking at old pictures can take you down memory lane and remind of you of things, places and people you would otherwise have forgotten about. We should be grateful for old pictures as they help to refresh our memories.

14. Be grateful for fresh fruit smoothies.

Be grateful for yummy healthy cold fresh fruit smoothies on a hot summer day.

15. Be grateful for the opportunity to get an education.

In the 2021 there are still people in the world who do not have the opportunity of an education but you do. This is definitely some to be grateful for?

16. Be grateful to have a home.

Be grateful to have a roof over your head, a home, irrespective of whether it is a tent, a tiny house, or an apartment is something to be grateful for.

17. Be grateful for the ability to read.

Imagine if you could not read. The horrors. So this is sometime you can grateful for which will aid in fostering a positive mindset.

18. Be grateful for the fresh air you breath.

Thank God the air we breath is free, there would be no life without it. And Despite with the global pandemic and all, we can still go to nature and enjoy some fresh air.

19. Be grateful you have a cosy bed to sleep in.

This is something we most likely would not think of being grateful for until you perhaps do not have one. For most times we do not know what we have until we loose it. So be grateful for the cosy bed you do have with nice clean sheets.

20. Be grateful for Laughter.

Without laughter, the world would be a very sad place.

21. Be grateful for safety and security.

Be grateful that you safe and secure. Some people are out there in fear for their lives for one reason or the other.

22. Be grateful for Cars.

Depending on where you live and perhaps, what your daily routine is, having a car can be a game changer, in helping to make your life a whole lot easier. So if you have a car be grateful for it.  This also applies to whatever mode of transportation you use. Have a grateful heart and be grateful for it, it does help you, does it not?

23. Be grateful for the people who work for you.

If you have subordinates or people that work for you, it is nice to be grateful and show your appreciation to them, for the work that they do for you.

24. Be grateful for time.

Time waits for no man, it is precious. Be grateful for the time you have to spend with the people you love and doing the things that are of interest to you. Use your time wisely.

25. Be grateful for clean water.

When you are used to having clean water it is easy to take this for granted. However, it is something to be grateful for. Clean water is a luxury in some parts of the world.

26. Be grateful for being loved.

You are loved by so many people, you matter to them, and that is definitely something to be grateful for. It is good to remember that you are loved and thought of. Not just by your significant other if you have one, but also by your friends and family as well.

27. Be grateful for your Child(ren).

If you have a child or children, this is one major thing to be grateful for. Watching children laugh, grow, and dream can keep things in perspective.And despite all the responsibility that come along with being a parent, you cannot imagine life without your bundle(s) of joy. So take a break and be grateful for what you have.

28. Be grateful for mobile phones.

Most of us are pretty attached to our mobile phones. We should therefore be grateful to have them. As such, we should be grateful we have them. They make our life a whole lot easier as we get to stay in touch with our loved ones and do a whole lot with our phones.

29. Be grateful for the ability to love and be loved.

Ever heard the saying love makes the world go round? The world would definitely be a miserable place without love. And we can show love to others in various ways. One of which, is by simply treating people how we ourselves would like to be treated.

You should always remember that you are loved by so many people. You matter to them, and that is definitely something to be grateful for. It is good to remember also, that you are loved and thought of, not just by your significant other if you have one, but also by your friends and family as well.

30. Be grateful for rain.

Do you not just love it when it rains? It is so beautiful and refreshing. And if it rains at bedtime, do not sleep better? So be grateful for the little pleasures in life such as rain. It goes a long way in fostering a positive mindset.

31. Be grateful for reading a good book.

Reading  a books can help relieve stress and can purely just be for entertainment as well. It is an chance for you, from the luxury of your own space, to venture into another world.

32. Be grateful for the kindness of strangers.

You should never take the kindness of a stranger for granted. Rather show appreciation for the kindness and where position, pay the kindness forward to someone else. This helps to cultivate a positive mindset and makes the world a nicer place to live to in.

33. Be grateful for camping.

If you get to go to the great outdoors to camp, and have a camp fire and all that. Even if this was just in your backyard. Be grateful you get to do, and even better when you get to share the experience and create memories with loved ones. Re

34. Be grateful for you lows, they help you appreciate your highs more.

Be grateful for your struggles or lows that got you to where you are now. For without these struggles you experience in life, you honestly would not be the person you are today. Therefore your lows helps you appreciate the joys or highs in life much more.

35. Have a grateful heart towards Art.

Especially for those who love and appreciate the Arts, this is something to be grateful for. So be grateful for it and have a grateful heart as the world would not be the same without Art.

36. Be grateful for holidays and birthdays.

Give thanks and be grateful for any reason you get to celebrate and enjoy life, such as the holiday, birthdays and new year etc. Any reason at all to celebrate is surely something to be grateful for.

37. Be grateful for freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. It is provided as freedom of opinion and expression in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And many other human rights are entangled with freedom of speech such as freedom of the press. In some parts of the world, there is sadly no freedom of speech, some have a mirage of freedom of speech only on paper but not in reality. So where you live in parts of the world where freedom of speech is respected, be grateful.

38. Be grateful for rainbows.

Rainbows are so beautiful and depending on the climate of where you live. Bet you do not see rainbows everyday. So when you are blessed to see one, be thankful and grateful that you did.

39. Be grateful for your tears.

Tears can help you express how you feel especially when you lack the words to do so. Tears of joy is good example.

40. Be grateful to wake up to a brand new day.

The simple fact that you wake up every day is something to be grateful for. A new day brings with it an opportunity to have a fresh start. For as long as there is life, there is hope.

41. Be grateful for indoor plumbing.

This is a great one, indoor plumbing, and specifically flushing toilets. This provides a great deal of comfort to us and prevents a lot of diseases. As such we should be grateful to have to indoor plumbing. Not taking anything we have in our life for granted is a great way to cultivate a positive mindset.

42. Be grateful for your age.

They say wisdom comes with age. That would mean that you get wiser the older you get. So amongst other reasons, be grateful for your age and all that you have been through to become the person you are today.

43. Be grateful for mountains.

Depending on where you live, if you have Mountains nearby. Be grateful for the beauty and recreation they provide.

44. Be grateful for your eyesight.

If you can read this article then you can be grateful to have your sight. Not everybody does. Be grateful that you can see all the beauty life has to offer in the form of nature, your friends, family, pets, as well as everything else that hold you hold dear to your heart.

45. Be grateful for all the stores you go to.

Luckily we live in a time where we do not have to go and hunt for food or make our own clothes except perhaps you so desire. So be grateful for the luxury of being able to just go down to the store and get what you need.

46. Be grateful for the Sun.

The sun’s warmth can brighten any day.

If you do not do this already but you can, make time to watch the sunset. It is truly a beauty to behold, and one of the many ways to enjoy nature. Be grateful for this simple pleasure in life, it does not cost you a thing but does a lot for your general well-being.

47. Be grateful for entertainment.

Be grateful for Netflix, youtube and all the other applications you use for your entertainment. They actually help to make life interesting.

48. Be grateful for your mind.

Be grateful to have all ‘your senses upstairs’ (a functioning mind), the capacity to think and solve problems. This makes daily much easier.

49. Be grateful that you have employment or a source of income.

A lot of people have lost their jobs thanks to this current global pandemic. So if you still have yours, be grateful and kind to others who are less fortunate than you are. This will aid in the cultivation of a positive mindset.

50. Be grateful for the diversity in the world.

The world as we know it would be such boring if we were all the same. There is beauty in our diversity. It is therefore something to be grateful for.

51. Be grateful for the Moon and Stars.

Be grateful for little things, like being able to look out, onto a beautiful night sky, and see the moon and stars. It gives hope, that there will be a better tomorrow.

52. Be grateful for electricity.

Can you imagine life without electricity? In some parts of the world electricity supply is still a major problem. So whether you have an unstable electricity supply or constant, be grateful for what you have. Some people have zero electricity, yet life must go on, they still have reasons to smile and be happy.

53. Be grateful for air conditioning.

Depending on what part of the world you live in, air conditioning can be an absolute necessity. So if you live and work in a hot climate and have air conditioning, be very grateful as a lot of other people do not have this luxury.

54. Be grateful that you can hear.

Not everyone can do this, so it is definitely something not to be taken for granted. Be grateful that you can hear the voices of your loved ones and the world around you. Your life would be different if you could not hear.

55. Be grateful for the ability to Learn.

You live and you learn. Consciously or unconsciously, we learn something new every day.

56. Be grateful when people are willing to share their knowledge with you.

As we live and learn every day as aforementioned. As such, you should be grateful when people are willing to share their knowledge with you. The subject matter of the knowledge could be anything. Sometimes, however, it may be from their personal life experience or from the experiences of other people. Either way, it could save you from having to repeat the same mistakes someone else made. However, if the knowledge being imparted to you does not resonate with you, feel free to disregard it.

57. Be grateful for the oceans.

Be grateful for the oceans and all the wonderful creatures that live there.

58. Be grateful for modern medicine

This is a big one and something to be immensely grateful for. A lot of people would not be alive today but for the advancement in technology and modern medicine. Unfortunately, though, not everyone has access to or can afford the medical care that they themselves or their loved ones may need. This is a heartbreaking reality.

59. Be grateful to have money in the bank.

If you have money in the bank, then have a grateful heart, if for no other reason, remember that there are others who do not have this. Take nothing for granted and be grateful.

60. Be grateful for the inventors and entrepreneurs.

The risks some inventors and entrepreneurs have taken have enabled to have a lot of the comforts we have in life today.

61. Be grateful for your clothes.

Your clothes cover you and keep you warm, be grateful you have them and donate what you no longer need that is in good condition.

62. Be grateful for the snooze button.

The snooze button allows you to have some extra snooze and wake up a little slower. So have a grateful heart towards little things like the snooze button, it does help you somewhat.

63. Be grateful for the freedom to vote.

Be grateful for the right to vote and for your vote to count. Having one’s vote count is still a problem in some parts of the world.

64. Be grateful for internet access.

If you have access to the internet as most people do in the developed world, remember that there are a whole lot of other people in the world who do not have the same. Some countries have censored internet access, and some just do have not very good internet service in general. So this is something to have a grateful heart for, as the internet helps you stay connected to not just your friends and family but to the world at large.

65. Be grateful for hot showers.

When you take nothing for granted, even a hot shower is something to have a grateful heart about. Not everyone in the world has the luxury of having a hot shower. Being grateful for simple things like this will surely help to cultivate a positive mindset.

66. Be grateful for your alone time.

Spending time by yourself to replenish your depleted energy from social interactions is something to be grateful for. Some people are busy and have so much responsibility that it is difficult to get time away from it all for self-care. So if you get to enjoy some quality alone time, have a grateful heart. Read more here: Do you enjoy being alone? 11 Benefits to enjoying quality alone time.

67. Be grateful if you get to on a hiking trail.

Going on a hiking trail is a great way to spend time outdoors in mother nature. If you get to this, be grateful. Some people still have this on their bucket lists.

68. Have a grateful heart towards spellcheck.

The majority of people use some form of spellcheck on a daily basis, even in sending simple text messages.

69. Be grateful to find money in your pockets unexpectedly.

This is always a nice surprise, and when you take nothing for granted, even the very little things. Be grateful when this happens.

70. Be grateful when you get to sleep in.

Have a grateful heart and build a positive mindset. Sleeping in is a luxury in this fast-paced world. So when you do this, be grateful.

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